Encantus Pizzeria



Come and discover the famous home-made pizzas from Encantus Pizzeria. In the open kitchen, the award-winning Chef Pizzaiolo Daniel Batista makes the most delicious pizzas in the Italian wood burning oven ´FORNI VISCIANO´, always using the freshest ingredients. His creative passion has no limits; you will be surprised!
Take away service. Vegetarian options.

Open: 12:30-14:30 and 19:00-22:00
Closed: Sunday
Reservations: Recommended


Rua Gonçalo Velho 90, Loja 8
8125-221 Quarteira

Tel.: +351 289 117 636
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/encantuspizzeria
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/encantus.pizzeria/
Coordinates: 37.06976, -8.10471

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